what is the designing human organization?

The Designing Human Organization was created as part of our master's thesis at the Hochschule für Gestaltung in Schwäbisch Gmünd.

Technological progress is developing faster than ever and the boundary between human and technology is becoming smaller and smaller. This starting point led us to the assumption that humans will merge with technology in the future and thus have additional capabilities or be able to improve their existing ones. There is no answer to the question of what the human body will look like in the future. However, it is important to discuss today what such a future might look like, what problems will be associated with it and what attitude we humans will have towards it.


This platform enables people to engage and sustain this very relevant discourse. Since this future concerns us humans in general, it is intended to reach everyone and encourage them to think about the future of their own bodies. 

By passing on knowledge, networking people and speculatively depicting the improved human body in the future, we want to create a space for discussion about this topic. On this platform people meet, who want to inform and network on the topic of human enhancement. Anyone can join our organization, share content and participate in discussions.

what are we doing?


open up discussions


raise awareness


pass on knowledge


connect people

who are we?

We are Fabian Vincenz and Emily Jäger and founded the Designing Human Organization as part of our master's thesis in strategic design. 

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fabian vincenz

ethical principals of the organization

the writing of content must be truthful and free of any values

we respect the dignity of human life as the basis of our actions

we act in accordance with the applicable law

we attach importance to the observance of the legal data protection regulations

we refrain from unethical behavior, such as discrimination, insults, racism and defamation

we maintain an open and trusting professional exchange with our members

the organization is committed to upholding these ethical standards and creating the appropriate framework for our members.