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Nowadays, there are already countless ways to beautify or enhance yourself. Through cosmetic surgery, for example, the appearance of a person can be changed individually and there are no limits to the extreme. The striving for a perfect individual appearance of today's society has been shaped enormously by social media. However, as these interventions merge with smart technologies in the future, the interest in enhancing capabilities will also increase.

However, what if we could change not only our appearance, but also our abilities such as our senses?

In this speculative project called "Sensing Human," we asked ourselves the questions of what sensory enhancements might generate excitement in the future and how this might change our human abilities?

Already today, technology is looking at certain features from the animal kingdom and copying them into our system. Airplanes, suction cup, and night vision are features that some animals have naturally. It is interesting to question how humans would change if they could also possess all these capabilities and what advantage they would have as a result. What if everyone had free access to these enhancements? Not only would it be possible to combat color blindness, deafness or muteness, but it could lead to a general sensitization and development of the senses of every human being. For example, on the way home in the evening, fear of the dark could be overcome by night vision and infrared signals or improved hearing. An enhanced sense of smell could make it possible to detect liquid ecstasy in a glass on a club night. New breathing systems would make long stays or even a life under water conceivable. These improved sensory organs also open up completely new occupational fields for people. A person who has a highly sensitive nose and has improved his sense of smell could possibly be used for drug detection.

With this project we want to present chances or risks of the commercialization of the intelligent enhancement of the senses and stimulate discussion. With the striving to be always better, more beautiful and faster, society puts more and more pressure on itself and comes to the limits of what is possible. These and other capabilities will become more complex but also more desirable in the future as technology improves. Therefore, it is very likely that we will no longer be able to keep up with technology and will have to become a part of it.

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