virtual mirror

The project "virtual mirror" is part of a speculative exhibition concept. It is a virtual mirror that shows the user what the human body might look like in the future. After a person has placed himself in front of the mirror, the body is scanned by a camera. Afterwards, different selection options of physical enhancements are displayed, which are then projected onto the user's own body. With the help of body tracking technologies, it appears to the viewer as if they really have the selected technological enhancements on their body. For example, additional body parts such as arms, legs, ears or even robot-like body parts or webbed feet can be selected. The different extensions make the person look posthuman in front of the mirror.

This realistic representation of the body of the future gives the viewer the chance to engage with this topic and think about it. In order to communicate one's opinion, wishes and needs, there is a discussion wall with provided Post-Its next to the artifact. The subsequent evaluation of the Post-Its gives us an impression of what the visitors' idea of the future is at this point in time.

The mirror could be integrated into an existing exhibition concept, such as the Human+ exhibition in Italy. Here, artists and scientists from a wide range of disciplines come together to look at the future development of human beings and conceive coherent artifacts that are then combined into an exhibition. In this exhibition, different situations are staged to create the viewer's first points of contact with the future. In this exhibition environment, our artifact "Virtual Mirror" could make a valuable contribution.

In the future, our Designing Human Organization will also create an independent exhibition of different projects in order to reach a broad mass of curious and interested people. The goal is also to inspire those who are not interested in the topic for the time being or even want to build up a distance to it and to call them to the discussion. Everyone should be concerned with the future of their own body and technology is already on a path to reality, far from utopia and science fiction.

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