"future me" workshop

Since the topic of human enhancement is fundamentally about the opinions, wishes and perceptions of the people themselves, we have developed the "future me" workshop. In this workshop, precisely this can be put to the test. For this purpose, we sewed small cloth dolls that the participants could work on with various handicraft utensils. We gave them control over their own physical development. In this way, we were able to analyze the desires of each person and also the origin of their ideas of the future human, and observe interesting discussions. Since the workshop had an almost childlike or playful nature, we created a fear-free and creative environment to deal with the topic.

The behavior and interaction of the participants was interesting to observe. Some already started to work on the dolls before we even started to tell details. Others had only a little imagination about the topic at the beginning and were more reserved. They waited to see what ideas the others had and started to talk about it. The people who at first thought that they had no idea at all, had the strongest examples and opinions towards the end. It was also interesting to observe that, for example, the topic of "beauty standards of the future" played a major role in most discussions. Especially among the female participants. We wanted to let the participants enhance the little dolls without any limits of imagination in order to visualize all ideas and fields of possibilities. Therefore there was no right or wrong.

Without inhibitions and restrictions, the dolls were glued, cutted, painted and enhanced. After active participation and completion of the little people of the future, we asked everyone to present the ideas and discuss them with the others. The functions of different dolls were then tested interactively among themselves in a playful way and more ideas came up. So with the workshop we created a small world in which different people of the future meet and interact.

In addition, the implementation and the result showed us the relevance of discussing the topic. Even people who first thought they won't have an opinion strongly participated after a certain time. So the potential to talk about the topic meets great interest.

workshop results

The designed dolls are open for free interpretation

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